what we do

Our approach was developed from decades of first-hand experience running nonprofits and collaborating with donors. We help you build the components critical to philanthropists, so they see you as more than just a “good cause” but an excellent investment.

Strategy & Planning

Donors today want to be involved beyond just making a financial gift; they want to feel their investment is making an impact. Our customized plans help you engage donors and communicate exactly how you will achieve your mission. We also help you cultivate and retain large donors who will invest in you and your impact.

Impact Measurement

How are you communicating your organization’s “impact?” Many nonprofits confuse “impact” with numbers served or items provided. If you want to receive more substantial investments, you have to show how your programs and services create lasting change. Our team can help you identify outcomes, develop the best way to collect data, and tell your story in a way that communicates your nonprofit’s impact.

Budget Creation & Forecasting

All nonprofits create a budget each year; however, to attract major donors, you need comprehensive multi-year projections. We help you create a budget that inspires confidence.

Team Building & Board Development

Does your nonprofit organization have what it takes to grow to the next level? We help with everything from policies and procedures to ensuring you’ve got the right team in place.

New Donor Identification

Plans don’t happen without the funding to implement them. We help you identify donors, create earned revenue streams, and develop cultivation strategies to make your nonprofit financially sustainable. We can even help you write the grants to obtain the funds!

Major Gift Fundraising

Do you want to stop relying on special events and friends and family for fundraising? Finding and securing major gifts is not difficult but does require that your nonprofit have several things in place before you ask. Our team can help you identify where you need to improve so that you can successfully implement a major gifts program.

We are here to help.