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Through thought leadership, evidence-based best practice, and sustainable revenue development, Sharity positions organizations to take their work to the next level.

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We partner with nonprofits across the US and throughout the world. Our clients work on a range of economic, environmental, human rights, and social issues.


HomeAid® is a non-profit developer of housing and programmatic facilities for people experiencing or at risk of homelessness, operating through a network of 19 affiliates in 13 states. Sharity facilitated the development of their strategic and fundraising plan. This included identifying the need for and overseeing the hiring of development staff.

Global Peace Film Festival
The Global Peace Film Festival is a film festival focused on catalyzing community engagement and positive, peaceful action. Sharity has supported their work thought consultation and partnership referrals to their fiscal sponsorship work.
SafeNest Las Vegas
SafeNest Las Vegas provides services for those affected by domestic violence, sexual abuse, and human trafficking. Sharity conducted an impact measurement that calculated the value of their work. That report was subsequently used for a $14M capital expansion.
Victim Focus
VictimFocus is a UK-based training, research and consultancy organization working to tackle prejudice and stereotyping of adults and children subjected to crime, violence, abuse and trauma. Sharity has partnered with VictimFocus to provide peer review of their work, and offer strategic advice on conducting research in the US. Sharity President Carol Wick also served as a peer reviewer on their groundbreaking Indicative Trauma Impact Model. You can learn more about them here.
New Horizons
New Horizons is a Miami mental health center. Sharity led a 10-week intensive training on trauma-informed approaches to working with survivors of intimate partner violence for New Horizons’ clinical team.
Freedom Ride
Freedom Ride, an adaptive riding facility, engaged Sharity to assist with a capital campaign for a new facility. US$2.2M was raised in 18 months, and is ongoing. This enabled the organization to move to a new property with rehabilitated buildings.You can see the campaign video developed for this project. Read more here.
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Philanthropists & Foundations
Foundations need planning and focus to ensure their funds have the impact they want to see in their community. Sharity can help establish metrics for giving, create funding strategies to reach goals, work with grantees to help them become more self-sufficient.
Giving Back Fund
Giving Back Fund is a national non-profit organization that encourages and facilitates charitable giving by professional athletes, celebrities, high-net-worth individuals, existing non-profit organizations, corporations and others. They serve as the fiscal agent for numerous international nonprofits looking to scale. Sharity assisted Giving Back Fund in evaluating a Honduran nonprofit, and created safeguarding, screening and assessment protocols for the organization.
100 Women Strong
100WomenStrong is a fund supporting shelter, health, hunger, education nonprofits and long-term initiatives. Sharity serves as their domestic violence advisory expert, providing advice and evaluating their collective giving strategy’s impact on survivors.
Unatti Foundation
Unatti Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides comprehensive programs for girls in Nepal who live in vulnerable situations. Sharity developed their strategic plan, and provides guidance on grant writing and fundraising, which resulted in a doubling of funds raised in four months. The foundation's 2022 impact report can be viewed here.
Orlando Foundation for Architecture
Orlando Foundation for Architecture promotes public understanding and appreciation of architecture and design through educational programs, tours, exhibits, and events. Sharity developed their strategic plan and conducted an assessment of their fundraising strategy.
Socrates Academy Foundation
Socrates is an international Hellenic charter school in North Carolina. Sharity is leading their $12M capital campaign to build a state of the art new high school expansion that will add three hundred additional scholars to this trilingual immersion school.
Indian River Land Trust
Indian River Land Trust promotes the conservation of the Indian River Lagoon. Sharity led their strategic plan development.
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We partner this with government entities, like state departments and city municipalities, alongside government-funding pass through organizations and other quasi-government bodies with similar rules and regulations.
Homeless Services Network
HSN is the lead agency on homelessness for Central Florida. They administer homeless housing and service grants through local agencies, and fund programs that provide housing, supportive services and case management. Sharity has partnered with HSN since 2016. Our engagements focus on strategic management support, and our close collaboration has seen HSN grow from developing entity to the nation's top-scoring continuum of care provider. Learn more about HSN.
City of Orlando
The City engaged Sharity to spearhead an acquisition feasibility study for a homeless drop-in center for individuals with serious mental illness. Sharity assessed best practices and funding and reviewed policy, finance, and human resourcing. This collaboration also involved conducting interviews with chronically homeless individuals to assess opportunities and challenges. Sharity’s study's recommendations were successfully implemented and the center remains open.
Early Learning Coalition of Miami-Dade
Early Learning Coalition of Miami-Dade is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring early care and education for children in Miami-Dade. They frequently engage Sharity to develop and update strategic plans.
Atlantic Coastal Fish Habitat Partnership
The Atlantic Coastal Fish Habitat Partnership is a coast-wide collaborative effort to accelerate the conservation of habitat for native Atlantic coastal, estuarine-dependent, and diadromous fishes. Sharity evaluated fundraising feasibility, drew up a development strategy, identified new funding sources, and cultivated and evaluated donors.
Department of Human Services of Frederick County
Sharity facilitated both virtual and in-person sessions leading to the development of a data-driven five-year strategic plan. Sharity also provided training on plan implementation with rolling goals. The DHS Frederick team developed the qualitative and quantitative metrics underpinning these goals, and a tracking mechanism.
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Child Advocacy Center of Frederick County, Maryland

Sharity worked with the Children's Advocacy Center of Frederick County to develop a five-year plan with data-driven metrics. The project involved assessing staff resiliency and creating strategies to address burnout and residual trauma. Sharity also worked with their associated fundraising group, Friends of the CAC, to develop strategies to fund the plan and expansion beyond government funding.

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Membership Associations
We collaborate with national and international membership organizations. This clientele reflects our expertise in collaborating with partners whose stakeholders have diverse views and often competing interests. We excel at cultivating deep membership buy-in through intentional, comprehensive outreach, neutral and professional service delivery.
Future of Chiropractic
ChiroCongress works for the advancement of chiropractic through innovation, research, and service to state member organizations. Sharity developed Sharity was engaged to collaborate with the US chiropractic field's more than 85,000 professionals and more than 40 associations to develop their first strategic plan. To do so, Sharity oversaw extensive data collection, including focus groups, stakeholder interviews, and working groups. Sharity set up a structure, started ChiroCongress's nonprofit and political action committee, and assisted in recruiting nonprofit staff. Additionally, Sharity oversaw the development of their initial fundraising plan, and their first capital campaign. Two years later, the plan has been implemented and is actively moving forward. A ChiroCongress fellowship was recently established at Dartmouth College within their Geisel School of Medicine.
Florida Association of Educators of Young Children
The Florida Association of Educators of Young Children (FLAEYC) is Florida's professional membership association for early childhood educators. Sharity developed FLAEYC’s strategic and fundraising plans. This included mapping resources, fundraising evaluations, stakeholder interviews, online surveys, statewide data analysis, and reporting of impact metrics. Access the strategic plan here.
Interagency Early Childhood Committee of Frederick County
The Interagency Early Childhood Committee of Frederick County is an interagency forum working to raise awareness of community needs and resources, collect and analyze early childhood data and educate the community about the value of investing in early childhood. Sharity led the development of a five-year strategic plan with action steps, metrics, and implementation staffing.
The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence is a US nonprofit organization with the mission to be the voice of victims and survivors of domestic violence. For NCADV, Sharity conducted a feasibility study for a national fundraising campaign. Sharity has since presented at their national conference and collaborated on an international study of domestic violence shelters’ fundraising effectivness.
Florida Children’s Council
The Florida Children’s Council is an association of Children's Services Councils (CSC) from across Florida, which promotes best practices and professional standards and influences state policies related to the health, well-being, and education of Florida's children. Sharity led strategic planning for a group of governor-appointed board chairs.
Sharity Global is leading the YWCA's Measuring What Matters project, which involves developing an equitable, power dynamic-informed fundraising model and reviewing the YWCA's domestic violence and early childhood outcome measures. This project embeds intersectionality into its process and focus. Extensive qualitative and quantitative data collection through survey development and implementation, focus groups, virtual workshops, and stakeholder engagement, as well as analysis, and report writing, are key components.
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Private Sector
Private sector stakeholders are increasingly looked at for leadership on a range of issues. We work with corporate and business entites who understand this responsibility and seek to contribute to meaningfully to the advancement of social change.
What Hugh Knew Documentary
What Hugh Knew is a full-length feature documentary film celebrating the life of Hugh Shaw and the ​​Annual Hugh Shaw Memorial Longboard Classic. The film focuses on the importance of priorizing time for what is most important, our connections with others. Sharity developed a fundraising and engagement strategy for the film to raise funds for the director’s cut. Learn more about this award winning director and film here.
PBOC MotorSports
PBOC MotorSports is a racing club. Sharity screened and connected prospective nonprofit partners with the club to allow them to have a targeted fundraising parter, BaseCamp Children’s Cancer Foundation. The new event — BaseCamp goes racing — funds a weekend away for children and their families at the Sebring race track each year.
Professional Sports Teams
Sharity provides domestic and sexual assault prevention training to professional athletes. This allows young professional athletes to better understand consent, laws and the impact of their decisions on their future careers. Sharity has provided this to professional basketball and hockey teams.