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On-Demand Webinar: How to Calculate the Local Impact of Domestic Violence for Your Community Training Video

Ever wonder how your nonprofit can calculate the local impact of domestic violence in your community? This information is vital but sometimes elusive. DV organizations must speak in terms of local impact in order to demonstrate the empirical, measurable outcomes they have in their communities, which may encourage businesses and other community organizations to donate or get involved. Sharity President Carol Wick walks nonprofits through the calculation process in this on-demand webinar.

On-Demand Webinar: Taking Donor Segmentation to the Next Level with Wealth Screening Software iWave

Meet iWave, the Canadian-based software company whose next-generation platform is simplifying fundraising for nonprofits around the world. Carol sat down with Jeremy Davies of iWave to discuss their innovative approach to fundraising intelligence. Carol and Jeremy take a deep dive into iWave’s data and donor segmentation services, focusing on expanding fundraising opportunities in current donor lists. iWave helps nonprofits uncover a donor’s history of philanthropy (Propensity), the strength of a donor’s connection to the nonprofit’s cause (Affinity), and the ability of a donor to give a major gift (Capacity).

On-Demand Webinar: “The Secret Key To Using Social Media To Drive Giving Tuesday Success”

Lisa Brinker and Wayne Veldsman Giving Tuesday is one of the biggest community giving days for nonprofits. In 2020, more than $2.5 Billion dollars were raised by nonprofits on that single day alone. Sharity’s resident experts on all things digital, Lisa Brinker and Wayne Veldsman, are hosting a free on-demand webinar that will reveal the secret to using social media for a successful Giving Tuesday. Don’t miss it.

Webinar: Making Social Media Manageable for Non-Profits!

Social media is a contact sport! Everything you do should encourage engagement and provoke thought in your target audience. Join us for this free on-demand webinar to find out just how important social media can be for nonprofits. Sharity Expert Lisa Brinker will talk with Sharity President Carol Wick about the ins and outs of social media, helping your team with key points.

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