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Having trouble understanding why major donors won’t fund you?

You may be doing some of the most important work in the world but all of your funders are friends, family or people who show up at yet another event.

You know need to grow your donor base but where do you start?

At Sharity, we can teach you just what major donors are looking for and then give you the tools to develop your nonprofit into an organization they want to fund.


Based on years of experience, our quick, free quiz will help you identify where your organization needs to grow to successfully engage donors and investors.

Knowledge is power.

Once you know where your organization needs to focus, Sharity can help. Our e-learning is free and designed to take you step by step to the next level.


Need some additional help from an expert? At Sharity we use only experienced nonprofit professionals who know your industry. You pick the expert, contract with them directly and get the best advice possible.

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