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Training Webinars

How Focusing On Outcomes Instead of Outputs Will Accelerate Your Fundraising

During this free webinar, you will learn:

  • What philanthropists and funders are looking for when deciding which NPO to support
  • Tips to communicate how your nonprofit is impacting your clients as well as your community
  • The importance of using outcomes and ROI focused data rather than presenting input and output data

We will also take you through the various metrics that strengthen your pitch to large donors: Inputs, Outputs, Outcomes, and ROI.

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10 Fundraising Tips for Nonprofits

There are 10 specific actions your nonprofit should be taking RIGHT NOW, during COVID, to improve your fundraising. Not only is it possible to raise funds now; it’s more important than ever to set the stage for the coming months. We invite you to peruse and use these strategies to connect with donors and ensure that contributing to your mission is still money very well invested.

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Succession Planning Tool

If you do not have a plan or the current plan needs to be updated or reviewed, Sharity has created a tool to assist you as you begin the succession planning process. Since donors want to know that a nonprofit is sustainable, strategic, and its programs will continue for the long-term, we invite you to use our set of questions and plan template to start this planning process.

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Sharity Grant Budgeting Template

(Excel Sheet)

This template is designed to be a starting point for organizations who are looking to build a multi-year budget that incorporates grants.

We have provided you with three sheets, one offers recommended categories for inclusion and shows how you can use accounting codes to connect it to your accounting system. The second sheet allows you to track individual restricted sources to ensure you are not fundraising for areas that you already have funding coming in. The third is an example that is combined revenue and expense areas from several clients that operate emergency shelters for the homeless, domestic violence, or human trafficking.

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National Assessment on the State of Fundraising for Domestic Violence Organizations

This study compared DV organizations in the areas philanthropists look for to define success. Sharity assessed the organizations’ business plans, budgets, outcome/impact metrics, fundraising staff availability, and donor capacity to fund the plan. The findings and recommendations in the report are extremely insightful for both DV and non-DV organizations

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Estimating the Local Impact of Intimate Partner Violence

In 2020, Sharity completed a study for The Shelter in Collier County, Florida, to measure the return on investment of its domestic violence programs. The study shows that a small investment can have considerable return and be a wise use of tax and philanthropic dollars. It also provides a template for other programs to use in calculating the economic impact of intimate partner violence on their local economy, as well as the value of the services they provide.

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