Central Florida 100: Protests, mask debate and theme parks reopening

May 29, 2020

Carol Wick, CEO, Sharity
Last week: PROTESTS: Across the nation, unrest, anger and hatred are spilling out of our homes onto the streets. People are protesting all across the country, and they are being met with different responses and sending very mixed messages. While all protests are usually sparked when one feels they need to be heard, some seek to intimidate; others cry out for change. What is clear is that our country has come to a breaking point. We need leaders who seek not to divide but to heal with empathy and lead us forward together as a nation.
Looking ahead: PREPARING FOR AFTERMATH: More than 100,000 Americans have tragically died from COVID-19 in less than four months. Like a hurricane that blows through and destroys homes, businesses and communities, we are just now starting to emerge and assess the damage. We as Floridians know the real work begins after the storm has passed. We also see the danger and aftermath can continue to take lives for months to come. Our state, our communities, know how to do this more than most. It’s time to come together, reach out to a neighbor, and begin the healing process.