Has the pandemic and economic downturn forced you to seriously scale back your services just when they are needed the most? We Understand how hard things are right now for the nonprofits. That’s why we offer these critical assessments for free.

Organizational Checkup

Do you have all the pieces in places you need to run your nonprofit? Take this free assessment to find out and receive a score to see how you stack up.

Grassroots Nonprofits

Grassroots nonprofits face a number of unique challenges. We excel at helping grassroots nonprofits grow their impact through clear fundraising goals, a strong business plan, and a compelling vision and mission to solve pressing community problems.


Foundations need planning and focus to ensure their funds have the impact they want to see in their community. Sharity can help establish
metrics for giving, create funding strategies to reach goals, work with grantees to help them become more self sufficient.

Social Enterprises

A robust and sustainable revenue stream comes with having a variety of funding sources. One of those should be earned revenue. At Sharity, we develop a business plan to grow your social enterprise that can profit and impact society

Private Sector

More than ever in these unprecedented times, the public, customers, and employees are looking for more from companies than traditional Corporate Social Responsibility. At Sharity, we recognize your company’s ability to “adapt to the new normal” and authentically showcase its contributions to society is critical to building a stronger culture and more sustainable and enduring business. We excel at helping companies align social impact strategy through the lens of its business to “walk the talk” in ways that drive meaningful social change, develop exclusive partnerships, and boost employee engagement and retention.