Oct 30, 2020

Carol Wick, CEO, Sharity
Last week:

    1. WOMEN AT WORK: A recent “Women in the Workplace” study found that one in four women are considering leaving the workforce or “downshifting” their careers due to COVID-19. Women of color and senior-level women (an already disproportionately small number) are facing especially difficult challenges balancing work and home. It’s become so dire that some experts believe women — who’ve lost an estimated 7 million jobs since February — risk losing decades of workplace progress. Our nation doesn’t even require all employers to provide paid sick leave. Unless things change, without women in the workforce, especially in the C-suite, businesses and our economy will suffer.
  1. Looking ahead: STAYING IN THE SHADOWS: In our democracy, voting is power; sadly, for far too many domestic violence survivors, it can have dangerous consequences. For survivors, the fear of being found, beaten, or even killed by their abusers keeps many from trusting the voter registration process to keep their information private — including in states like Florida, which requires survivors to go through a notoriously complicated and laborious process to access a confidential address. Survivors should not have to choose between voting and endangering their lives or that of their loved ones. When survivors are silenced, it harms our democracy and our nation.