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Who should be included in board meetings?

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Who should be included in board meetings? so we have a question about who should be involved in your nonprofit board meetings? well, that really depends on your board. I always, when I was a ceo, enjoyed having my senior staff there.

There were certain times that we had conversations, like when we were going over employee compensation, when my staff would be asked to leave the room. but I always appreciated my staff giving the reports of the departments that they were over.

Now, if you have a smaller nonprofit, that might not make sense. and we had a very large nonprofit with over 100 employees. so having the director of operations there to talk about operations and the cfo to talk about accounting was extremely helpful because no one person is an expert in everything.

So think about who you have at your meeting. if it’s just you, your board is going to think that they are the only person that they have to deal with and that you’re handling every single issue and they don’t understand the depth of what’s going on at your nonprofit.

The flip side of that is, if you have a board that’s getting too much into operations, it might be best for it just to be the executive director.

So, unfortunately, the answer to this question is, it depends. if you’re having trouble with your board, feel free to reach out to us.

Shoot us a question, and we’ll be happy to answer it if we can or direct you to our organizational fitness test, which can tell you some certain things that your organization needs to work on so that you can be running at tip top shape.

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