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What’s the difference between a nonprofit executive, CEO, and president?

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What’s the difference between a nonprofit executive director and a nonprofit ceo or president? hi. so our question today is what is the difference between executive director, ceo, and ceo and president?

Well, they mean different things, obviously. but typically, an executive director reports to the board of directors and is obviously the ultimate executive in a nonprofit.

When you move to ceo in nonprofit worlds, it typically just means that it’s a higher pay scale. usually nonprofit executive directors are smaller nonprofits, and then, as you grow, you’ll become ceo.

When you add the term president, that actually goes into your bylaws. and that’s a structural issue around the roles of not only the ceo, but the ceo and president.

So it’s really important that you not just be throwing labels out there and changing dog titles, but really thinking through about what you’re calling people, why, and that you’ve got the legal documentation behind it in your bylaws and articles of incorporation.

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