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What is the most important thing a nonprofit needs?

Ask Me Anything Summary

The most important thing a nonprofit needs is a business plan.

A business plan is not to be confused with a strategic plan that consists of thick stacks of paper, is put together by an expensive consultant, and then sits on the shelf. A business plan actually looks forward two to three years, with a budget, and shows what will be accomplished if the needed funding is obtained.

The business plan can then be taken out to major donors, foundations and corporations to actually show what will be accomplished if they make an investment. It’s similar to what a venture capitalist would get from an entrepreneur looking to start a new venture. If you don’t have a business plan, how do people know what they are investing in?

Think about whether or not your nonprofit has a business plan, a strategic plan, or no plan at all. It’s certainly something we specialize in at Sharity!

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