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Before accepting a senior position at a nonprofit, what types of things should you look for?

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What is the best way for my organization to collect data? collecting data can seem really, really difficult for a nonprofit, especially when all of your staff are stretched really thin.

But if you’ve sat back as a team and said, what exactly are we trying to accomplish when someone comes through our program? what do we want to have happen? how is their life going to be transformed?

That’s really going to start to give you an indicator of what you should be tracking. and a lot of nonprofits aren’t tracking any kind of impact. what they’re tracking is outputs how many people go through their program.
So start by tracking and actually figuring out what it is. what is that transformational thing that you’re trying to make happen and then step back and say, how do we know if it occurred?

Don’t get really complicated. just pick one or two really simple things. sometimes it’s even just asking someone who goes through a feeding program, did you not have to choose between food or rent this month?

That can be a real impact. it doesn’t have to be complicated. and if you need more, feel free to check out our resources page, we’ve got lots of information about impact, outcome, and how to actually calculate roi for some types of programs, we look forward to hearing from you and are happy to answer your questions. just post something here on social media or direct message us and we’ll be happy to respond.