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So today’s ask me anything is about hiring interns and what sorts of things should you have them doing? should you pay them or not pay them? well interns are pretty hot topic right now, there’s a lot of conversation about whether or not you should be tapping college students who are getting college credit for working at your nonprofit, which makes a difference really about college students getting credit.

And that’s sort of a reimbursement, because they’re getting college credit versus maybe a high school student or college student that’s just volunteering and calling it an internship regardless of whether you pay them or not.

And the prevailing thought is you really should pay them because that opens up that opportunity to people who might not otherwise have access because they don’t have wealthy parents, for instance, to support them.

Regardless of whether or not you’re paying them, you need to make sure that you are really thinking out internships because this is not just someone who’s coming to volunteer.

This is someone who is trying to get learned experience that they can then put on a resume. so if you’re gonna be taking someone, especially if they’re in a bachelor’s or master’s level program, really think out exactly what you want to have them do, what the learning objectives are gonna be, who’s gonna supervise them, and what that timeframe is.

It’s not fair to them to tell them that they’re going to be coming in for an internship and just having them doing regular volunteer activities. just be really clear up front about the opportunity and about what they’re going to get out of it and whether or not they’re going to get paid and reimbursed for things like mileage, cell phone, or other things you’re going to be having them do.

So that’s my quick word on interns. if you have any questions about volunteers or creating loyalty, we’ve got some great sharity experts. just shoot us a note here on social media.

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