Nov 6, 2020

Carol Wick, CEO, Sharity
Last week:

      1. RAPE KIT TRACKING: An African American mother was raped with her child in the next room. She called the police and they collected DNA. But, instead of testing it, the police put the rape kit on a shelf for three decades until legislation requiring a one-time audit forced the testing of backlogged kits. Last month – 32 years later – the police said they finally identified the man who raped her. He also raped 15 other women in Central Florida. Survivors shouldn’t have to wait decades for justice. Shamefully, Florida doesn’t have a rape kit tracking database. That must change, there’s no excuse for justice denied.
  1. Looking ahead: TIME FOR MORE COVID-19 RELIEF: The 2020 elections cost an astronomical $14 billion – doubling the 2016 record. Some Americans got $1,200 for relief during the pandemic. Now that all the ads have run and ballots have been cast, it’s my hope Congress and the American people can unite around providing desperately needed COVID-19 relief to America’s nonprofits. According to studies from Sharity and the Chronicle of Philanthropy, as many as 50% of nonprofits – reeling from the pandemic – in Florida and elsewhere will close their doors in the next six months without a major infusion of funds. We must act before it’s too late!