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Mail vs. email

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Mail vs. email? we’re talking particularly for donor receipts and thank you’s. so this is a really great question, because in this day and age a lot of people have transitioned to email and they’ve tried to go paperless.

And so what is that basic mix? well, I can tell you it has a lot to do with donor segmentation. most people want to get those receipts for their donations electronically.

It makes it easier for taxes. it makes it easier to collect those things and oftentimes that ‘thank you’ can go electronically as well. but if this is a person that you are trying to steward and trying to scale that donation, you’re trying to cultivate them for larger and larger gifts, sitting down and writing a handwritten note is something that absolutely can’t ever be replaced with an email.

Remember an email is impersonal. so you want to make sure that you are writing that handwritten note and think about who’s signing it. the most important person to sign. that is not the director of development.
It’s actually going to be someone who has benefited from the service or someone who can talk about the impact of that service, like your counselor or one of your case managers.

So, think your way through that because stewardship with a handwritten note still in this day and age of electronics cannot be beat. if you have any concerns or questions or want to talk about retention, we’ve got some great sharity experts.

All you have to do is look at our sharity experts page, check out our free tools or dm us and we’ll be happy to connect you.