governmenet building - funding nonprofits

Looking for Government Funding? Here’s How to Find Your ‘fit’

Government agencies – at every level – must manage dozens of jobs and tasks every year with no way to get them done all on their own. They end up seeking help outside their organizations. That’s where funding for your non-profit agency can come in. Helping government agencies accomplish their mission – and winning governmental…
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succession planning best practices sharity

Nonprofit Succession Planning Best Practices

Only about 27% of surveyed nonprofits reported that they had a written succession plan in place, according to BoardSource. Leadership and staff transitions in any organization are inevitable and many times can come unexpectedly.  What can you be doing to make sure you are ready for staff and leadership departures? Organizations that successfully navigate this…
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evaluating nonprofit staff and resources

10 Ways to Evaluate your Nonprofit Staff and Resources

Imagine the day…you are just about to make the announcement with your board chair that your organization will launch a major gifts campaign as part of its 25th anniversary year celebrations! You have an ambitious goal and many of your large gift donors are ready to make the first gift to support the new campaign.…
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Nonprofit Income Diversification Ultimate Guide

Nonprofit Income Diversification Ultimate Guide

Developing and maintaining a diversified income for your nonprofit organization is both good risk management and fundraising strategy.  It is important to have a diversified income so that the organization is in the best position possible to adapt to changes in conditions that may be beyond the organization’s control.  For example, an organization heavily dependent…
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Feasibility Studies | 7 Secrets You and Your Board Should Know

Are you thinking of launching a campaign? Do you need to raise a significant amount of money and aren’t sure where to start?   Many experts will tell you that the first step in a campaign is a feasibility study, however, many nonprofits dismiss this immediately and with good reason.  Feasibility studies are expensive! What is…
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5 pillars to a successful nonprofit self-assessment

5 Pillars to a Successful Nonprofit Self-Assessment

Major donors, the ones who will invest significant amounts of money in your mission over multiple years, are looking for several indicators that your goals are sustainable before writing the check. If these elements are not in place, they will move on to other organizations and you will continue to be passed over.  We’ve outlined…
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Nonprofit team discussing development assessment

Nonprofit Development Assessment Ultimate Guide 2019

Nonprofits that are serious about measuring their progress and evaluating their organization’s history of outcomes typically engage in some version of a development assessment. Unfortunately, the first step is usually a rabbit hole of search results ranging from free assessments to high priced consultations. Before you dive down that path which promises insights but only…
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