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How in the world did you get your board members to donate?

Ask Me Anything Summary

Not having 100% of your board members giving money is a common problem for nonprofits. There are two basic reasons for this: (1) You did not thoroughly explain to your board members when you brought them on that they were expected to write a personal check every single year.

Or second, that your board members have not really bought into your plan and do not feel confident enough in what you say you will accomplish to actually invest.

Usually, it’s the former reason. Many board presidents who bring on board members are a bit uncomfortable talking about money. So, they neglect to tell the members that they have to give.

The other problem is a bit more complicated and will take time to solve. Ask your board members which issue it is for them. The reality is, however, that they do not believe in your nonprofit enough to make an investment if they are not donating, especially if they do not give at the level they can.

Take a pause and look at your plan. Find out if your board has bought into what you are trying to accomplish. If they have not, major donors will not either. That is why it’s so critically important to have 100% of your board members giving.

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