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How do I start writing grants?

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This is a great question because I see a lot of comments online about people who want to go out and start writing for grants and what they don’t realize is you don’t just start writing grants if you’re just going to write grants blindly.
It’s like walking up to a stranger on the street and saying, give me money and that’s what’s going to happen to you. you’re gonna be really frustrated and if you’re paying someone, you’re gonna be spending money for absolutely no return on that investment.

So the first thing you have to make sure you’re doing to do before you go out and start looking for grant funding is write a business plan. have some sort of idea of what you’re trying to accomplish, what programs you are going to have involved in in that solution, and what the outcomes are gonna be.

You also have to have a really good idea of how much that plan is going to cost. then you’ll know which grants to reach out to, to start to cultivate so that they know who your organization is and what you’re trying to accomplish in the community.

That’s the first step in getting grants. and if you’re going to hire a grant writer, before you’ve done that work, you’re really throwing your money away. so take the time. Pause.

Build that plan and then go out and find somebody who really knows how to write those grants. of course, you can always check in with us at sharity global. we have some of the best grant writers in the business who have raised millions and millions of dollars and they specialize, which is another important thing in either federal grants, foundation grants, or even global giving.

If you have any questions or any comments, you can always direct message us via social media, put a message in the comment section or reach out to us at ‘‘. Have a great day.