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How do I start a nonprofit?

Ask Me Anything Summary

We at Sharity ask that you pause before you do that! A lot of people really want to help, especially in this day and age. They feel they have a really great idea, could start a nonprofit, and could help people.

However, the problem is that most nonprofits are really struggling right now. In fact, one in three will probably close within the next year. So, starting a nonprofit in a time when successful nonprofits are really struggling is probably not the best business plan.

If you want to start a nonprofit, we suggest that you approach it like a business. Make sure you have a really strong business strategy of WHAT you are going to do and WHY you are doing it.

Know HOW much money you will need over the next two to three years to accomplish your goal, including getting paid. WHERE is that money going to come from? Currently, resources are really thin and are not anticipated to get a whole lot better in the near future. So if you’re thinking about starting a nonprofit, pause and do a business plan. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look really promising.

One suggestion is to reach out to some other providers who might need your support, might even have some vacancies, or need people to help them out during this difficult time. You will be appreciated, even if that may not be the answer a lot of people are looking for.

If you are still thinking about starting a nonprofit, you can certainly reach out to me at or one of my Sharity ask me anything experts. We’d be happy to talk through your idea and whether or not we feel that it could be sustainable in this environment.