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How do I identify the right donors for my organization?

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How do I identify the right donors for my organization? identifying the right donors is like the biggest mystery for many nonprofits, and sadly, a lot of times the donors that they need are actually in their inner circle.

So the first thing you need to think about donors is that it’s like concentric circles. start with your center circle, that’s your board of directors, your staff.

If your board of directors isn’t giving 100%, you aren’t telling your story right. because if you haven’t convinced your inner circle to give, you shouldn’t be looking outside that network. once you’ve got your donors that are in your inner circle, the people that are closest to your plan, then you start to spread out.

It’s really helpful to understand how much potential there is in that group of individuals that’s already connected to your organization. and that’s where wealth screen can come in extremely handy.

So that you have an idea actually of how much to go and ask those people for and how to start this to segment your donor list for different types of asks. so it’s really not that complicated to find the right donors, because they’re probably already giving to you.

You just haven’t segmented and started targeting them with the right types of asks. and many times most nonprofits have just never even asked in the first place. so start inside and then work your way out. if you need some help with wealth screening or understanding donor segmentation, we’ve got sharity experts who can really help your organization clarify who they need to start asking and what kind of strategy they need to approach them.

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