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How do I get started with a wealth screening?

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How do I get started with wealth screening and how do I know that my nonprofit is ready to take that step? wealth screening is something that’s really important for any nonprofit that’s ready to jump into major gifts.

If you’re starting to get a donor database of, say more than about 200 individuals, it’s time to start thinking about segmentation. you really need to start thinking about who might be able to give larger gifts and who’s going to be your donors that are going to be those steady $25-$50 donors. once you start understanding the potential giving, then you can start customizing your approach to those donors.

It’s really important that you’re not put off doing this step just because you think you’re too small. even if it’s just reaching out to a consultant like sharity and having a screen a handful of donors, it’s worth the time to find out what the potential could be for that ask so that you know what to target them for and how to start having a conversation in a different way.