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How do I get my board to be engaged?

Ask Me Anything Summary

Sometimes it’s just getting board members to show up at meetings, getting 100% of them donating, or getting them excited about a plan so they will do some fundraising.

How do you do that? One tip is to have a business plan in place that your board members helped create and are excited about. The number one thing our Sharity experts find when working with boards is that they don’t feel confident about what their work is trying to achieve.

Board members know you’re doing good work and important work. But that is not enough to make them feel comfortable when talking to and pitching someone they know in the community who is a potential major donor.

So give your board members the tools they need. Come up with a three year strategy plan, with strong, measurable outcomes that will move the needle. That will get them excited, they’ll start writing checks and will be more engaged. And regular feedback about how you are achieving those outcomes will make them really proud to be on your board.

If you need any help with your board, creating that plan, or how to start that process, give Sharity a call. Or, if you have a burning question about nonprofits, please reach out. You can email me at, contact us through the website, or message us through LinkedIn or Facebook.