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How do I find grants available for my organization?

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How and where do I find grants available for my organization? so we have a great question about how and where to find grants. and I have to tell you, I have been seeing a lot of questions online recently for nonprofits that want to know how they can start getting grants. and a lot of times, the question is, “we’ve never received any funding before, we’re brand new, how do we get grants?”

Well, the thing about grants is it’s just like a major gift ask. you don’t go in cold to a grant funder and expect to get funded. grants have to be cultivated. you need to understand the grant funder, their timeline, what they’re looking for, what they’ll fund, and what their expectations are.

And then they need to get to know you. government grants, especially, are not something that you’re just going to write for blindly and get the grant.

You need to go in and meet with the staff off the grant cycle, talk to them about what you’re doing, what you’re accomplishing, and why you are a good investment for their funds.

This is pretty much the same with any grant source. so I always tell all my clients first, start with a plan. have a business plan that you can present.

Go and talk to the grant funders. tell them what you’re trying to accomplish. tell them what the outcomes will be and how much money you’re trying to raise for your mission.

If you don’t have those three things in place, you’re not going to get grants. it’s not a matter of just writing something. it’s actually about having a plan, pitching it, and having them want to invest in your mission.

So, I hope this is helpful for you. if you want a free consult because you want to get your plan done, you can always reach out to me directly. if you have any questions about grants, we’ve got a lot of experts that helped write them. ‘‘ or just put a message in the box below and we’ll be happy to respond. have a great day.