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BHow can nonprofits adapt to changes while still moving forward with their mission?

Ask Me Anything Summary

This is carol with sharity and i’m back with another ask me anything question. so right now, during covid, you may find that all your best laid plans have been way late and you have to adapt at a rapid pace.

Well, how do you do that? the most important thing for you to be doing is to sit down and take a look at your business plan. now, our research shows that about 50% of nonprofits don’t even have a strategic plan, let alone a business plan.

It’s really critically important that you have a plan in place that says where you want to be in the next 18 months that you’re evaluating on literally a weekly or biweekly basis, you need to have some really tangible goals and start moving toward those goals and know what obstacles are gonna be put in your way so that you may or may not hit them on time.

Having this sort of tactical plan in place will make it a whole lot easier for your organization, not only to navigate through the change, it will also give your funders a lot of confidence that your organization plans to be around for the long term and that you’re a good investment during these really difficult and turbulent times.

If you need any help with that business plan, you can contact us at sharity and you can reach out to me personally at and we can show you exactly how to build that plan so that you will feel so much more confident in the direction your nonprofit is headed.