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How can I make my organization’s annual report stand out?

Ask Me Anything Summary

Our next ama is all about how can I make my annual reports stand out? Well, this is one of my passion points. I’m pretty intense when I talked to my clients about their impact reports. First and foremost, everybody seems to follow a formula. It says this is what we did this year. Here’s a little bit of a highlight about a story about a client and then here’s where financials.

What donors want to see is outcomes. They don’t want to see outputs. So if you’re putting numbers into your annual report that you can count on your fingers, those are outputs. What your donors want to see is not only have you been good stewards of their money, but what did you do with their money?

And what happened as a result? So take a step back. Make sure that your next impact report or annual report talks nothing but outcomes. And you will get a lot more attention and your report will stand out from the crowd. Make sure to, one last tip, put a personal note to those donors that you’ve segmented for the higher level gifts. That personal note from a board member from a senior leader will make all the difference in the world and get their attention.

Don’t include it with an ask just to thank you for making this happen. If you have questions or you’d like to have us help you develop that annual report, you can reach out to us here on social media or you can email me at Have a great day.