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How can I communicate my nonprofit’s impact with donors?

Ask Me Anything Summary

First question is, how can I communicate my nonprofits impact with donors?

Well, that’s a big question.

Hi, I’m Carol with Sharity, and I’m here with an Ask Me Anything and Claire just asked, how do we communicate our impact to donors? Well, that’s a really big question, and it might seem like a simple one, but there’s lots of different ways that you can communicate your impact.

But the first thing you have to do is you have to actually know what you’re impact is. And really, it goes back to how are we’re measuring whether or not our programs are doing anything for people. Are we just serving people and counting the services that we provide them as outputs?

Are we actually talking about how we transform people’s lives? I always ask my clients one question: If you had to actually sell this program to someone, you were going to tell someone, look, I want you to spend six months of your life taking our classes.

What would the outcome be? What am I gonna benefit for having spent all this time with your organization if you can’t sell me, the client, which we normally are not asked to do as nonprofits. But if you can’t sell me about how this is gonna benefit me personally and change my life, then you’re probably not communicating your impact to your donors either.

So start with that one simple question. And if you wanna learn more about impacts and outputs and outcomes, you can check out our free webinar specifically on this topic.

And if you have any other questions, just send us a message in the comment box or direct message us here on social media. Or you can go to our website and send us a contact. I look forward to hearing from you.