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How can help ease my staff’s transition back into the workplace?

Ask Me Anything Summary

Hi, this is carol and for this week’s ask me anything we’ve been asked how we can help transition staff back into the office? And this is a really timely question. It’s really difficult right now for so many to have to think about going back into the office or have their offices shut down again.

What I’m seeing and having been a ceo for many, many years is that staff are just tired. Leadership is tired. Line staff are tired. Those people who have not gotten to go remote are exhausted and some are really frightened. They may have vulnerable children, family members and they’re not 100%

Sure how safe it is to go back out there. So it’s really important at this point in time that we all be very open and very supportive of one another and understand what is safety for one person is very different for someone else. As leadership, we have to make sure that we’re protecting our staff not only physically but emotionally.

So take a little extra time. Listen a little bit more intently and be supportive of everyone that we come into contact with. This is a difficult time and whether or not you’re going back remote, going back out into the field, or maybe you never left. It’s an important time for all of us to just be a little bit more loving and kind.

Thank you.