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Grants vs Large Donors

Ask Me Anything Summary

When you start looking at major gifts, and we’re talking about six figure range, there’s going to be a high level of effort. doesn’t matter whether that effort looks like writing a proposal or cultivating and stewarding a major donor to the point where you’re ready to ask them for that gift.

The difference is that some major gifts in that that range, that six figure range, are going to be more technical, like writing a proposal, meeting the outcomes and the reporting requirements of the funder. or for, let’s just say a philanthropist being able to go in, work with that person, cultivate them, get them engaged in your plan, and then have the stewardship afterwards to make sure that they feel very confident that their money has been well spent.

So both require large amounts of effort if you’re going to do it right. it’s just different types of effort. so you need to be prepared when you walk in to trying to do large major gifts, that you understand that there is a significant amount of effort required.

It’s just a different type of effort and a different type of follow up and stewardship, but both require that effort. so make sure that you have that plan in place whenever you start to go out and look for major donors and major investments in your nonprofit, because it’s important that your organization shines in the beginning, middle, and afterwards.

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