Central Florida 100: GO, NONPROFITS! & THANK YOU

Dec 4, 2020

Carol Wick, CEO, Sharity
Last week: GO, NONPROFITS! In the face of surging demand, from COVID-response to food banks to shelters, our nonprofits performed valiantly in 2020. Given that most nonprofits are without rainy-day funds in such a grueling financial year, I’m especially heartened that the American people donated $2.47 billion on #GivingTuesday! Still, I’m worried about what lays ahead for nonprofits in 2021, just as they’re needed more than ever to help rebuild America’s safety net. An estimated 40% of nonprofits across America may be forced to close for good over the next year. It’s time for Washington to do more!

  1. Looking ahead: THANK YOU: In a year filled with unimaginable heartache, anxiety, and pain, it can feel a bit weird to find gratitude this holiday season. Especially amid so many lives upended and families forced to celebrate without their loved ones. Still, even in the face of such an awful year, I can’t help but feel enormous gratitude – for all our health care heroes, first responders, and essential workers on the front lines. For all the advocates that care for our communities, the poll workers standing up for our democracy, to all the voters standing in line to protect it. Thank you!