Jul 24, 2020

Carol Wick, CEO, Sharity
Last week:

    1. GHISLAINE MAXWELL: On July 14, a judge denied bail for Ghislaine Maxwell — the alleged co-conspirator and child-trafficker companion of Jeffrey Epstein. Further sparking a national conversation was “well wishes” from the president to Maxwell, which prompted Geraldo Rivera of Fox News to excuse sex crimes against children committed 25 years ago. Time should never allow child rapists or their enablers to escape justice, which is why so many of us fought to make “Donna’s Law” the law of the land as of July 1 in Florida eliminating the statute of limitations.
  1. Looking ahead: MISOGYNY KILLS: Den Hollander — the “anti-feminist” lawyer who allegedly killed the son of a female federal judge and critically wounded her husband — is the latest to prove that misogyny kills. Shocking but not surprising, Hollander — who declared on his website “Kill a Feminazi — save a child” — promoted, incited, and encouraged violence against women before fatally following through on his hate. Like the gunman in the Pulse nightclub massacre, Hollander also follows a pattern of “entitled” men with histories of domestic violence before going on their murder rampages. No longer can society ignore the red flags of misogynist extremists!