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Do you have any tips or ideas for virtual fundraising?

Ask Me Anything Summary

My nonprofit is struggling to get donations without having in person fundraising events. do you have any tips or ideas for virtual fundraising? so our question today is about making that shift to virtual fundraising and how to be successful at it.

Well, most of the nonprofits that had a really strong social media presence coming into the pandemic actually have had better fundraising years in 2020 than they did in 2019.

And that might seem counterintuitive, especially if you were canceling large in person, galas and things like that. but it’s because they were already connected to their donors.

A lot of times, nonprofits think that they just have to build an event and people will come. well, the reality of it is, most special event revenue really should be prior asks that you’ve done before the doors of the event or you click live ever happened.

Those are sometimes in sponsorships, or sometimes they’re just in someone giving a gift and donating a kind item. but just like you would go out and you would raise all that money in advance, it becomes even more important when you’re doing virtual events.

So the number one question to be successful fundraising online or fundraising in person is “do you have cultivated donor base that’s ready to be asked? and are you, in fact, doing those asks whether they’re virtual asks, be a zoom, over the phone, or you’re actually able to do them safely through social distancing?”

If you don’t have cultivated donors, you’re not going to have successful fundraising. you can always check out some of our webinars about this issue about creating a plan and how to make sure you can engage your donors and what your mission and what you’re trying to accomplish.

But also ask questions right here on social media, and we’ll try to answer them. email me directly at ‘‘ and either I or one of my experts will be happy to assist your nonprofit and trying to grow your revenue.

Have a great day.