CFL 100: Equal Treatment & Treating Women

Sep 24, 2021

Carol Wick, CEO, Sharity
Last week: EQUAL TREATMENT: We learned that Gabby Petito, the vlogger from Florida whose disappearance captured international attention, was killed in what police are calling a homicide. All this attention has raised the question, “What about all the missing Black, brown, and Indigenous women?” 710 Indigenous people, mostly girls, have been reported missing in the same area as Gabby. Here in Florida, the number of missing women, many with their partner or ex as the primary suspect, also remain missing. We must do better and ensure that every missing woman and girl receives the same due diligence when she goes missing.

Looking ahead: TREATING WOMEN: How do we treat women? Florida rates a “D” according to the Status of Women in the States. The best score we received is a “C” in reproductive health. To end that, Rep. Webster Barnaby filed HB 167, similar to the horrific Texas abortion law. Goodbye “C.” But what else will we lose? Imagine having to prove that you had a miscarriage in court. Imagine revenge suits where loved ones cannot recover costs even if they are falsely accused. There are no provisions for rape or incest. This isn’t about ending abortion, it’s about power and control and traumatizing women. We must ensure this stops now.