Mar 5, 2021

Carol Wick, CEO, Sharity
Last week: RAPE-KIT LEGISLATION: SB 1002 passed its first hurdle and moved on to the next Senate committee. The bill is named after a local rape survivor whose rape kit sat on a shelf for 32 years before being tested. Gail’s Law will ensure there is never a backlog of rape kits in Florida again. Also important in the bill is the ability for survivors to track their kits online and the requirement for the system work together. Call your legislators today and ask them to support SB 1002 and HB 673.

Looking ahead: READY TO TRAVEL AGAIN: I was a road warrior before COVID-19. A Delta Platinum SkyMiles devotee who traveled the globe for work with camera in hand. I loved the new experiences and people I met on every trip. In April 2020, a few weeks before a trip to Africa, I was grounded. It’s been a harder adjustment than I expected. While Zoom has kept the connections going, my travel bag is ready and waiting to get back on the road.