Apr 11, 2021

Carol Wick, CEO, Sharity
Last week: GIVE VICTIMS CERTAINTY: For five years, advocates have fought to pass legislation that forces FDLE to track rape kits and give victims the ability to access their kits’ status online. As state Rep. Scott Plakon said this week, “human beings can overcome unbelievable tragedy, but research shows that uncertainty causes the most trauma.” There is no reason why, when you can track a pizza from oven to door, that a rape survivor should ever wonder if her evidence has been processed. We need to make sure this year SB1002/HB673 is passed.

Looking ahead: MORE TO COME: This next week, we will continue to learn more about high-ranking Florida elected and appointed officials who may be tied to trafficking children for sex. Central Florida continues to be mentioned as the list of those being investigated grows. Thanks to the passage of Donna’s Law last year, the statute of limitations will not protect them. Victims can come forward and still have charges pressed. It seems ironic that a law pushed by local survivors will show why it was so important with perpetrators from this same community.