Oct 16, 2020

Carol Wick, CEO, Sharity
Last week:

    1. EDIFYING COLUMBUS: President Trump issued a proclamation celebrating Columbus Day and the explorer’s enduring “legacy” and “discovery.” Not only is Trump’s history wrong, but he’s whitewashing a murderer who committed genocide against Indigenous people and sold children as sex slaves. Why, 500 years after Columbus’ death, do we still mythologize powerful men who’ve used their power to prey on women, terrorize young children, and spread disease to hundreds of thousands? When will the raping of girls and committing unconscionable violence against people of color be actions that result in universal condemnation instead of presidential proclamation?
  1. Looking ahead: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE BUDGET CUTS: Traditionally, October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month is filled with major fundraising events and donation drives. But, amid the secondary silent pandemic of DV, as demand for services has surged, budgets have been cut due to the COVID-19 recession. Unfortunately the Senate — which has failed to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act — has also ignored twice-passed House legislation to provide crucial economic relief to the American people and DV organizations. Sadly, unless major action is taken, the lights are likely to darken even more for survivors in the coming months as many centers shut their doors for good.