Oct 2, 2020

Carol Wick, CEO, Sharity
Last week:

    DOMESTIC VIOLENCE DATA: Domestic violence arguably has the nation’s worst data collection of any crime. What’s worse in Florida, FDLE’s failure to meet the deadlines of a 2018 law — promising to make “Florida’s criminal justice system the most transparent in the nation” — means the public has no more access to data now than when the law passed. That’s data — during COVID-19’s silent pandemic of domestic violence — that could help service providers ultimately save more lives. It shouldn’t have to take spousal killings or breaking news involving former campaign managers to inform Floridians about the latest trends in domestic violence.
  1. Looking ahead: RBG AND GENDER EQUITY: Ruth Bader Ginsburg wasn’t just a hero to women; she fought for gender equity for all. She also left the door open for men to become major allies for women’s rights and stopping violence against women. Feminism is about what you fight for irrespective of gender. So don’t be fooled by those who say, “How can Trump’s nominee be anti-woman? She’s a woman!” Make it clear that women aren’t like socks that you can rotate in when one goes missing in the wash! Barrett’s nomination is nothing short of President Trump, Sen. McConnell, and others burning down RBG’s legacy and decades of progress toward equality.