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Before accepting a senior position at a nonprofit, what types of things should you look for?

Ask Me Anything Summary

This week’s ask me anything is what sorts of information should you know before taking a job with a nonprofit as a senior leader? well, you should ask lots of great questions and please don’t just rely on guidestar or things on the internet, because that information can be up to two years old.

Especially now in the era of post-covid, you have to make sure that the organization you’re stepping into actually has a really strong financial standing. ask for current pnl. ask for a current balance sheet along with the most recent audit and 990.

The other thing that you should ask for is any recent monitoring they might have from funding sources as well as any sorts of inspections you need to know. did they pass that health and safety inspection?

Or are you walking into a situation where you’re going to be handling a lot of serious issues? you should also ask questions about turnover and any lawsuits.

If they’re not willing to give you this information, that’s a real red flag. most of that information should be available on demand to anyone who asks for it. so do your due diligence and make sure you’re getting current documentation and information before you make the leap into a new nonprofit.

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