Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Anything

AMA Intro

Before accepting a senior position at a nonprofit, what types of things should you look for?

Do I have to have a 501C3 in order to fundraise?

Do you have any tips or ideas for virtual fundraising?

Grants vs Large Donors
How can help ease my staff’s transition back into the workplace?
How can I communicate my nonprofit’s impact with donors?
How can I make my organization’s annual report stand out?
How can I transition my nonprofit from being all volunteer-based to paid positions?
How can nonprofits adapt to changes while still moving forward with their mission?
How can nonprofits help their employees during these hard times?
How do I find grants available for my organization?

How do I get my board excited and engaged?

How do I get started with a wealth screening?

How do I identify the right donors for my organization?

How do I know if the non-profit I want to support is stable?

How do I setup a monthly giving program?

How do I start a nonprofit?

How do I start to approach a major donor that knows nothing about us?
How do I start writing grants?
How do nonprofits use ROI to show impact?

How do you move people from being spectators to engaged donors?

How in the world did you get your board members to donate?

How much should a non-profit CEO make?

I just got my 501c3; now what?
Mail vs Email

Tips for interns

What are we supposed to do about the pandemic?

What do I do if my grant gets rejected?
What is donor capacity and how is it measured?
What is the best way to collect data for your organization?

What is the difference between a nonprofit executive, CEO, and president?

What is the difference between public and private grants?

What is the difference between stewardship and donor relationship?

What is the most important thing that a non-profit needs?

What is the number one thing funders look for when deciding which NPO to support?
What questions should I ask and qualities to look for when bringing new people onto my team?
What should I do if a board member starts stepping out of line?
Who should be included in board meetings?