About Us

What We Do 

At Sharity, our goal is to help nonprofits grow their missions but more importantly, to be empowered to build their capacity to do the work themselves.

It’s not easy running and managing the day to day operations of a nonprofit. It’s even harder to move from what we call “friends and family fundraising” to building a strong, sustainable organization that is thriving with a variety of funding sources.

Our goal is to help you achieve your vision. Whether it’s helping you tell your story better, finding new donors or building an earned revenue strategy. Our team and network of Shairty Experts has the expertise, the experience and the passion to help you achieve your goal.

Why Work with Sharity? 

Most nonprofit consultants fall into two categories.

Either they have never worked for a nonprofit but are great sales people or they’ve worked at lots of nonprofits but are in between opportunities because they don’t drive results.

At Sharity we are different.

Our process starts with providing you free assessments and tools that have been developed by experts with decades of experience. This helps you self-evaluate your organization before spending tons of money with consultants.

Once you have identified where you need to improve, we connect you with free resources that can walk you through some of the toughest challenges you may be facing.

If you need additional help, our Sharity Experts are the best in the business with decades of leadership experience solving the most difficult problems. Don’t take our word for it, watch their videos, listen to the podcasts and read their blogs. Get to know them before reaching out for a free consultation.

We are confident you will find the Sharity process will work for you, for less.

Sharity Clients

Organizations reaching their goals with Sharity